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Census Mapping for Everyone

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At CensusMapper, we have come a long way from first dabbling in census data to building out a platform to map data Canada wide, adding the ability to easily drill down into individual census regions, improving mapping efficiency, adding the ability to automatically populate custom geographic data with census variables and adding older census data.

We believe all of these are comparatively small steps compared to the opening up of map making capabilities for everyone that we are rolling out today. Free to use, free of charge. Statistic Canada opened up census data for anyone to use, but the sheer volume of available data and complexities of mapping geographic data has kept this inaccessible to many.

By opening up basic map making capabilities to everyone we are putting the liberating that data from depth of spreadsheets and database servers and opening it up to everyone. One map at a time. Read on for tips and tricks or head right on over to Censusmapper to make your first CensusMapper map!

Census Week

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At CensusMapper we are super excited about Census Week 2016. Data is increasingly getting incorporated into local and regional decision making. At CensusMapper we have been working to facilitate this by making this wealth of information more accessible to everyone. To celebrate Census Week 2016 we have updated CensusMapper with 2006 census data for easy comparisons with the 2011 data. And we have given CensusMapper a face lift by adding a histogram widget that interacts with the mapping data. Watch for more exciting updates this week or read on for a sneak peak!

On Houses and Dirt

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The story of Vancouver real estate is mostly a story of dirt. After spending a bit of time to collect relevant data I am now wondering how to make better visualizations to make that data more accessible.

On Mixed Use

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Redeveloping single storey commercial properties into mixed use is taking off in Vancouver right now. It’s a little frustrating to see how pretty much every story I have seen on this get the effect this has on property taxes wrong, including one on the generally quite good Price Tags blog. People claim that converting single story commercial to mixed use pushes up the property taxes for the commercial tenants. Property taxes are an important piece of the puzzle in Vancouver, so I decided to go into a little detail on this.

Long story short, re-developing single story commercial into mixed use lowers the commercial property taxes. Dramatically.

Unoccupied Dwellings

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Today the City of Vancouver released their report on unoccupied dwelling units in the city. I watched part of the presentation and read through the report, and from all that I can see the methodology used is very solid.

I have seen some confusion and even some incorrect reporting on this, so I thought it would be worthwhile to look into the report in detail.