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Bike share stats for all.

Jens von Bergmann

4 minute read

I keep getting questions about Mobi stats these days. Rather than ansering them one by one I decided to just offer a live view into data generated by our shadow API. I made two simple views, the most recent month of daily bike checkout counts and the most recent week of hourly bike checkout counts. The data issues mentioned in our previous post still apply. For data geeks, here is a link to a very useful paper that compared estimates like I make to real usage data.

Apart from the usual caveats when dealing with scraped data, Mobi data comes with additional issues like duplicate stations that need to be filtered out to get proper counts. The view into the database below filters out these and other current known issues with Mobi data. But as this is a live view, it might not correctly deal with future unforseen issues with Mobi data. New stations, once Mobi adds them, will automatically show up on our Mobi map and will also be counted in the live usage graphs.

Daily Usage

This graphs shows the daily total counts of bikes checked out (with the usual data quality caveats) for the past month (starting from August 12, 2016).

Hourly Usage

This graphs shows the hourly total counts of bikes checked out (with the usual data quality caveats) for the past week.

Auto Updating

The above graphs are dynamic, they display the latest available numbers. Feel free do come back to this page to check how usage develops over time. If you come back in one hour, it will have the latest hourly counts. If you come back tomorrow, it will have an additional day of data.

Map Update

We also thought that adding a little more context to the bike share map would be useful, so we added some gentle colouring to highlight parks, retail and institutional land uses.

The bike infrastructure (and land use) data comes straight from OpenStreetMap. Everyone is welcome to help update OpenStreetMap data. If you are on a desktop and shift-click into our map it will bring up the OpenStreetMap editor. There you can add the newest separated bike lane or make other changes (after logging in or signing up for an account). It will take between 1 to 5 hours for changes to go live on our map, and the changes you make will also be available to any other app relying on OpenStreetMap data.

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