Assessment Data

The Vienna Model

Comparing Vancouver and Vienna Land Use

Jens von Bergmann

5 minute read

Over the backdrop of Vancouver’s rising real estate values the exhibition of the “Vienna Model” at the Museum of Vancouver has triggered lots of discussions about what Vancouver could learn from cities like Wien. There are many angles to approach this, one of them that has received a lot of attention is the much larger proportion of government owned subsidized housing in Wien compared to Vancouver. In this post we want to focus on a different angle: land use.

More on Teardowns

Some more details behind our data story on teardowns.

Jens von Bergmann <a href="">Joe Dahmen</a>

5 minute read

A little over a year ago we ran some analysis on teardowns of single family homes in the City of Vancouver. We used the City of Vancouver open data to understand why some single family homes got torn down and other’s don’t. Relying entirely on open data, there were some important questions that could not be answered. So together with Joe Dahmen at UBC’s School Of Architecture And Landscape Architecture we came back to the question and folded in transaction data from BC Assessment to add some more details and rigor.

Bumper Year for Thumb Twiddlers

Vancouver land working harder than ever.

Jens von Bergmann

5 minute read

Almost a year has passed since we first noticed how sitting on single family homes and twiddling thumbs generates more income than working. And not just at the level of individual single family households. In the City of Vancouver, the cumulative land value gains of just the single family homes eclipsed the cumulative taxable earnings reported to the CRA for the entire population. With the new assessment data available now, it is time to run the numbers and see how our thumb-twiddlers fared vs workers this year.

The Coveted $1.2m - $1.6m Vote

Mapping the poor recipients of a tax break

Jens von Bergmann

2 minute read

Earlier this month the province increased the threshold for the homeowner grant from $1.2 million to $1.6 million dollars. It’s an election year, and with the BC Assessment data for the City of Vancouver now being available via their open data catalogue we can ask who exactly this move was targeting. Restricted to the City of Vancouver, the answer is quite simple. There are about 24,000 single family homes, 1,200 duplex units and 4,000 condo units in that bracket.

2017 Vancouver Assessment Data

Visualizing the latest land value gains.

Jens von Bergmann

7 minute read

The friendly folks at Vancouver Open Data just updated their property assessment data with the fresh 2017 property tax assessments. Time to run the script to update the Vancouver Assessment Map with the new data, just like we did last year. For now we just updated our standard visuals and computed some overall statistics. We will take a closer look at the data over the coming days. Maps By now we have a variety of maps that highlight different aspects of Vancouver real estate, and after running the import scripts they automatically serve the newest data.