Bike Routing

Tweaking bike routing

Jens von Bergmann

3 minute read

Routing is a hard problem. Routing for drivers is pretty good at this point, mostly because we have been very good at designing for cars and creating predicable infrastructure. Routing for bikes is a whole other story, data quality is poor and the physical infrastructure is, at least in North America, not strongly predictive of cycling comfort/safety. And cycling comfort/safety is the top priority for the vast majority of (potential) cyclists.

How to make a bike map

Modern Web Mapping Technology Meets Bikes

Jens von Bergmann

8 minute read

Here come some general thoughts on bike maps. Not throught through yet, just jotting down some ideas so that I don’t forget and maybe to start a discussion. Bike enthusiasts, OSM folks and mapping technology wonks read on! Why make a new bike map? Plainly put, I don’t like a lot of the bike maps out there. Time for my little bike map rant: Lots of maps don’t accomplish their core mission: accurately map bike infrastructure.