Jens von Bergmann

4 minute read

Two days ago we took a first look at motor vehicle traffic counts, now it is time to turn to pedestrian lights. Everyone knows the “beg buttons” that pedestrians need to push for the pedestrian signal to turn green. If you forget to push the pedestrian light might stay red even if parallel motor vehicle traffic has a green light, all in the name of efficiency of motor vehicle traffic.

School Traffic

Measuring dropoff and pickup traffic.

Jens von Bergmann

5 minute read

School has started, and with it debate about people driving their kids to and from school is flaring up. And again people are questioning how much traffic is caused by this. As someone who bikes to school with his son every day I am keenly aware of the traffic mess around schools. But since I choose not to drive regularly, I don’t have a feeling for broader traffic patterns on non-school days to compare this too.

Surrey Traffic Loop Counts

Exploring induction loop counter data.

Jens von Bergmann

3 minute read

Surrey published a beta version of their traffic loop counts, which is pretty awesome. Real life traffic data is very exciting, and there are lots of fun things one could do with that. So last night I decided to take a look and make a quick map. Nothing exciting yet, just to feel may way around what’s there. To keep things simple I again took advantage of the awesome Tangram mapping enginge and turned it onto the traffic loop data.