Local vs Overseas Investors

Counting children in poverty by school catchment area.

Jens von Bergmann

2 minute read

Nathan Lauster just opened up an interesting way to look at CHSP data – by folding in the SFS. I have played with SFS data in the past but it clearly is time to revisit this and reproduce Lauster’s numbers. Let’s also fold in census estimates for that to see how these numbers match up. I have nothing to add to the excellent commentary from Lauster’s original post, so please head over there for good context of these estimates.

Some Thoughts on the “Supply Myth"

The never ending discussion.

Jens von Bergmann

18 minute read

Smarter people than I have already responded to the recent furor about John Rose’s working paper, which is (part of?) the result of one year of research on affordability by the author, arguing that Vancouver has no supply problem. Most notably Nathan Lauster in a series of blog posts taking a look at the theoretical framework and methods used and running some numbers himself. I don’t have much to add to the first post, which took the time to highlight some of the useful demand measures that are either already implemented or currently under discussion and makes the point that the idea that we have enough housing in Vancouver, especially enough rental housing, requires an extraordinarily strong argument in the face of sub 1% rental vacancy rates.

Byelection Data

Results by voting place.

Jens von Bergmann

1 minute read

The election data got posted on the Vancouver Open Data website so we decided to take a very quick peek at how the candidates fared by polling station. Citizens can vote at any station they want, so there is are no voting districts. But proximity to home is probably a large factor in determining where people vote, although some may choose locations close to work or somewhere else convenient. For anyone that wants to refine the analysis, the R Notebook that generated this post lives on GitHub.

Updated Foreign Buyers Data

Foreign buyers data is back!

Jens von Bergmann

3 minute read

After the BC government stopped publishing foreign buyer’s data after May this year it reversed course and gave the data out to media outlets earlier this week. It started being released to the general public only earlier today, with the complete data becoming available around noon today. The Data There is a number of metrics in the data, the one we will focus on is the share, median dollar value and total dollar volume of foreign buyer purchases.

A First Look At Vancouver Housing Data

Making sense of the new census data.

Jens von Bergmann

7 minute read

The 2016 census data on housing got released yesterday. We had the data imported and available on CensusMapper by 10am yesterday morning, after a slight delay due to the 40GB SSD space on the server running out and requiring additional disk space to be mounted for the data import. Lots of people have already used CensusMapper to dive into the data, but I had only just now found some time to take a look myself.