Boomer Exodus?

Change in size of age groups vs net migration

Jens von Bergmann

8 minute read

The dire home affordability in Vancouver weights heavily on everyone’s mind and it seems like we reflexively try to explain everything that is happening, or that we think is happening, though that lens. After we seem to have thankfully left the meme that millennials are fleeing Vancouver behind, an article claiming that Vancouver’s middle-aged population is leaving keeps popping up in my Twitter feed. The data point in the story is that between 2006 to 2016 the City of Vancouver saw a 13% drop in the number of people in the 40 to 44 year age group.

VSB Vulnerable Students

Counting children in poverty by school catchment area.

Jens von Bergmann

8 minute read

Recently there was some discussion at my son’s school about the hot lunch program, and who should pay for those who need a subsidy. Which made me curious how that works. Here is what I learned. Student Vulnerability Before we can talk about the VSB meal program, we need to talk about student vulnerability. VSB’s program concentrates its resource where the need is highest. Schools get ranked into tiers depending on the proportion of vulnerable students and categories and resources get attributed by tier.

A Retrospective Look at NHS Income Data

How bad were the NHS income numbers?

Jens von Bergmann

13 minute read

NHS Income Data, a First Retrospective There was much hand wringing when NHS income data got released. The change in methods were big, most notably the replacement of the mandatory long form census, that was administered to a random 1 in 5 sub sample, by the voluntary NHS that went out to approximately 1 in 3 households. The (design-weighted) response rate for the NHS was 77%, compared to 94% for the long form in 2006.


Moving the discussion forward

Jens von Bergmann

11 minute read

CensusMapper has come a long way, in the latest iteration we opened up an API for convenient and pinpointed census data access for everyone. It’s a step that was overdue. The CensusMapper concept is built entirely around APIs, but they were geared toward mapping needs. With changes to only a couple of lines of code we adapted these to be useful for more general data needs. But more importantly for us, this small change has already had a huge impact of how we at CensusMapper handle data analysis internally.

Evolution of the Income Distribution

Digging deeper into the evolution of incomes

Jens von Bergmann

9 minute read

Vancouver’s median household income has grown. But there are many ways how this could have happened. We want to take a deeper look to understand how the income distribution changed. To that end, we will investigate the change in the number of people in each income bracket between the census years. And put that into context to what happened in the region and Canada wide. This is a mixture of what we have done when comparing the size of age groups between censuses.